Thursday, July 19, 2018

WBB: 2018-2019 Game Replays

Click here for a spoiler-free version of this season's game replays.

Overall Conference Home Away Neutral
16-1 4-0 5-0 7-1 4-0

Napheesa Collier Molly Bent Mikayla Coombs Olivia Nelson-Ododa
Katie Lou Samuelson Batouly Camara Lexi Gordon Christyn Williams
Crystal Dangerfield Megan Walker
Kyla Irwin
Note: If on phone or tablet, you may have to swipe left to view links for game replays and highlights

Coach's Radio Show with Mike Crispino and Geno Auriemma

11/14/2018 11/27/2018 12/06/2018 12/13/2018 12/17/2018
01/08/2019 01/22/2019 01/29/2019 02/05/2019 02/19/2019

The Geno Auriemma Show

01/09/2019 01/16/2019 01/23/2019 02/02/2019 02/09/2019
02/16/2019 02/20/2019 02/27/2019 03/02/2019 TBD

11/04/2018 Vanguard W, 96-30 Box Score Replay Highlights
11/15/2018 SCSU W, 99-45 Recap Replay Highlights
11/11/2018 Ohio State W, 85-53 Box Score Replay Highlights
Hall of Fame Showcase (Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT)
11/17/2018 Vanderbilt W, 80-42 Box Score Replay Highlights
Paradise Jam (Sports & Fitness Center, St. Thomas, USVI)
11/22/2018 Ole Miss W, 90-50 Box Score Replay Highlights
11/23/2018 St. John's W, 65-55 Box Score Replay Highlights
11/24/2018 Purdue W, 86-40 Box Score Replay Highlights
11/28/2018 #16 Depaul W, 99-63 Box Score Replay Highlights
Jimmy V. Women's Classic (Purcell Pavilion, South Bend, IN)
12/02/2018 @ #1 Notre Dame W, 89-71 Box Score Replay Highlights
12/04/2018 @ Saint Louis W, 98-42 Box Score Replay Highlights
12/08/2018 Seton Hall W, 99-61 Box Score Replay Highlights
12/19/2018 @ Oklahoma W, 72-63 Box Score Replay Highlights
12/22/2018 @ California W, 76-66 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/03/2019 @ Baylor L, 68-57 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/06/2019 @ Houston W, 81-61 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/09/2019 Cincinnati W, 82-38 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/13/2019 USF W, 63-46 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/16/2019 @ Tulane W, 75-33 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/20/2019 @ Temple W, 88-67 Box Score Replay Highlights
01/23/2019 SMU Box Score Replay Highlights
01/27/2019 UCF Box Score Replay Highlights
01/31/2019 @ Louisville Box Score Replay Highlights
02/02/2019 @ Cincinnati Box Score Replay Highlights
02/06/2019 East Carolina Box Score Replay Highlights
02/09/2019 Temple Box Score Replay Highlights
02/11/2019 South Carolina Box Score Replay Highlights
02/17/2019 @ UCF Box Score Replay Highlights
02/20/2019 Memphis Box Score Replay Highlights
02/24/2019 @ Tulsa Box Score Replay Highlights
02/26/2019 @ Wichita State Box Score Replay Highlights
03/02/2019 Houston Box Score Replay Highlights
03/04/2019 @ USF Box Score Replay Highlights


  1. I like the new site...but I think you made an error in Olivia's last name.

  2. As UConn fans who've lived in Mexico and (now) Tulsa, OK, we are so, so grateful for this site! Thank you!!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you like the site - Go Huskies!

  3. We now live in NC and appreciate being able to view the games. Is there any reason why we aren’t able to see free throws. Is there a reason why there isn’t any editing out of commercial time?
    You’re past footage has spoiled us.
    Seriously though, thank you for providing us out of staters the ability to follow our Huskies!

    1. Glad to hear you like thr site! Since it was an exhibition, the feed we recorded was the feed that usually airs at Gampel/XL on the jumbotron. So when they shoot free throws the in house feed cuts to the UConn logo. We'll still be editing out commercials for all non-exhibition games.

  4. Is it possible to have a spoiler free (No Scores) option so those of us who are seeing the game for the first time won't see the outcome ahead of time?

    Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate your website.

    1. Sure! Here's a link to the youtube playlist without scores:

  5. Thanks so much for this. Awesome for Husky fans!

  6. Great site! How do I find the Geno show?

  7. How come the Paradise Jam Ole Miss game is available in the YouTube playlist but not available on this site yet? I can't get to the YouTube games when viewing them on my smart tv.

  8. I would like to ask the same question as Peg. Did Uconn Health cancel the Geno Auriemma Show with Justine Ward doing the interviews? This was fabulous and something I looked forward to watching and I find myself going back and pouring over the old ones.

    Will those not be continued ?

    1. We will have those up on the site once they are recorded. They are still airing on SNY and the first one will be released on January 9:

  9. Thank you so much for this site. A native Nutmeger now living in TN who doesn't get ESPN or SNY, I appreciate being able to see the games in their entirety.

    1. If you have family or friends who get espnU,and they will lend you their login, you can access espn3 and watch the live games.

  10. I'm grateful that finally I can watch every game of this team. Cheering you guys from the Philippines. I'm a supah fan:) :) :)

  11. Pac 12 networks are not even available on DirecTV...anyone have a copy of the Cal game to share?

  12. Pac 12 channels are all available on Spectrum, but...for an additional fee.

  13. of course, UConn puts restrictions on live broadcasts of their games as well. the replay site is the best, but live watching of UConn games outside the viewing area is more problematic.

  14. Having followed UConn since the early 90s and now living in California, I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!